Exclude emails from certain domains

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Applicable to:

All Airtable plans

Example use case

Calendar events

When exporting calendar events from your Outlook or Google calendars to your Airtable base, attendees of the events are imported into a single field. This formula helps you filter out email address by their domain.

In this Airtable view below, calendar events have been exported. The "ATTENDEES" column shows the list of email addresses invited to the respective meetings.

In the "External Attendees" column, internal email address (i.e., addresses containing "lomlabs.io") have been removed, leaving us with a list of external email addresses.

Instructions to generate the script for Airtable Automations

  1. Fill in the Generate Formula form below, and copy the formula.
    1. Email field name — Enter the name of the field that contains all the email addresses. In my case, it is "ATTENDEES".
    2. Domains to exclude — Enter the list of domains to exclude, separated by commas. I only have 1 domain to exclude, so I entered "lomlabs.io".
    3. License key — Enter the license key purchased via Gumroad.
  2. Create a new field — "External Attendees". Choose the Formula field type.
  3. Paste the formula generated in step 1.
  4. Et voilà! You have a list of emails that shows external attendees only.

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