Retrieve dates between two dates

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Example use case

Track active projects

Airtable can be used as a project management tool. It provides users with a flexible and user-friendly interface for organizing and tracking information related to their projects. This can include tasks, deadlines, progress updates, and more.

In the view below, I've created some campaigns that are happening in early 2024. I've included the start and end dates for each campaign.

Now, I want to be able to know which campaigns are active on any given day, month, or time range. I can achieve this by using this formula to retrieve all dates between the start and end date. With this list of active dates, I am able to filter my campaigns accordingly.

In this example, I created a formula field that checks if campaigns are active on 14 January 2024. IF(FIND("14 January 2024", {Active dates}), "🟢 Active", "⚫️ Inactive") You can do this for any other date, month, or time range.

Try it out! Click on Filter in the example above, and add a condition Where Active Dates contains January. You'll see that only campaigns active in January will appear. (This is not available on mobile, please switch to a desktop to use the Filter feature.)

Instructions to generate the script for Airtable Automations

  1. Fill in the Generate Formula form below, and copy the formula.
    1. Start date field name — Name of your field that contains the start date for your project or campaign.
    2. End date field name — Name of your field that contains the end date for your project or campaign.
    3. Date format — Format that the generated dates will appear as.
    4. License key — Enter the license key purchased via Gumroad.
  2. Create a new field — "Active dates". Choose the Formula field type.
  3. Paste the formula generated in step 1.

Generate formula

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