Airtable Sequential Numbering by Group

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Applicable to:

Airtable Pro

Instructions to generate the script for Airtable Automations

  1. Fill in the Generate Script form below, and click "Submit".
    1. Table name — Name of the table to update
    2. Number field name — Name of the field to place the sequential number
    3. Group field name — Name of the field that contains your grouping
    4. Sub group field name — Name of the field that contains your subgrouping
  2. Create an automation on Airtable which triggers when a record is created.
  3. Add a "Run script" action.
  4. Click "Edit code".
  5. Add an input variable called "recordId".
  6. Paste the generated script into the Code editor.
  7. Click "Test". If there are errors, double check that you have created the input variable correctly and provided the correct details in the form below!

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Generate script

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